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Our mission as a Bible-based counseling ministry is to facilitate the healing, teaching, and equipping of individuals, couples, and families through the power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

Our counseling services are staffed by licensed and trained professionals.  We provide confidential and comprehensive assessment and treatment for individuals in all phases of life, children through older adults, experiencing a wide variety of mental health concerns.  


Our counselors are trained to assess for and treat issues such as depression, anxiety, single parenting, blended families, addictions, abuse, and domestic violence.   We are also able to provide mental health evaluations, psychosocial assessments, and drug and alcohol evaluations to our clients upon request.


We offer therapeutic groups for our clients and workshops for the community.  These groups and workshops are ongoing and cover a wide variety of topics including anxiety, depression, anger, boundaries, perfectionism, sexual abuse, marital conflict, loss and grief, all forms of addiction, aging, and stress management.


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